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Statistics 1974

Statistics History 1950-
Grand PrixDateDriver WinnerTeamLapsTime
Argentina 13-01 Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford 53 1:41'0201
Brasil 27-01 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren-Ford 32 1:24'37.06
Sudáfrica 30-03 Carlos Reutemann Brabham-Ford 78 1:42'40.96
España 28-04 Niki Lauda Ferrari 84 2:00'29.56
Bélgica 12-05 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren-Ford 85 1:44'20.57
Monaco 26-05 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 78 1:58'03.7
Suecia 09-06 Jody Scheckter Tyrrell-Ford 80 1:58'31.391
Holanda 23-06 Niki Lauda Ferrari 75 1:43'00.35
Francia 07-07 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 80 1:21'55.02
10°Gran Bretaña 20-07 Jody Scheckter Tyrrell-Ford 75 1:43'02.2
11°Alemania 04-08 Clay Regazzoni Ferrari 14 1:41'35.0
12°Austrian 18-08 Carlos Reutemann Brabham-Ford 54 1:28'44.72
13°Italia 08-09 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 52 1:22'56.6
14°Canadá 22-09 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren-Ford 80 1:40'26.136
15°Estados Unidos 06-10 Carlos Reutemann Brabham-Ford 59 1:40'21.439

Drivers and Teams from 1974

1Ronnie PetersonLotus-Ford
2Jacky IckxLotus-Ford
3Jody ScheckterTyrrell-Ford
4Patrick DepaillerTyrrell-Ford
5Emerson FittipaldiMcLaren-Ford
6Denny HulmeMcLaren-Ford
7Carlos ReutemannBrabham-Ford
8Richard RobartsBrabham-Ford
8Rikky von Opel Brabham-Ford
9Hans Joachim StuckMarch-Ford
9Reine WisellMarch-Ford
10Howden Ganley March-Ford
10Vittorio BrambillaMarch-Ford
11Clay RegazzoniFerrari
12Niki LaudaFerrari
14Jean Pierre BeltoiseBRM
15Henri PescaroloBRM
15Chris AmonBRM
16Peter RevsonShadow-Ford
16Brian RedmanShadow-Ford
16Bertil Roos Shadow-Ford
16Tom PryceShadow-Ford
17Jean Pierre JarierShadow-Ford
18Carlos PaceSurtees-Ford
18Jose Dolhem Surtees-Ford
18Derek BellSurtees-Ford
19Jochen MassSurtees-Ford
19Jean Pierre JabouilleSurtees-Ford
19Helmuth Koinigg Surtees-Ford
20Arturo MerzarioIso Marlboro-Ford
20Richard RobartsIso Marlboro-Ford
21Tom BelsoIso Marlboro-Ford
21Gijs Van LennepIso Marlboro-Ford
21Jean Pierre JabouilleIso Marlboro-Ford
21Jacques LaffiteIso Marlboro-Ford
22Vern SchuppanEnsign-Ford
22Mike WildsEnsign-Ford
23Dave CharltonMcLaren-Ford
23Tim SchenkenTrojan-Ford
24James HuntMarch-Ford
24James HuntHesketh-Ford
25Howden Ganley Maki-Ford
26Graham HillLola-Ford
27Guy EdwardsLola-Ford
27Peter Gethin Lola-Ford
27Rolf StommelenLola-Ford
28John WatsonBrabham-Ford
29Ian ScheckterLotus-Ford
29John Nicholson Lyncar-Ford
30Paddy DriverLotus-Ford
30Chris AmonAmon-Ford
30Larry PerkinsAmon-Ford
30Dieter Quester Surtees-Ford
31Ian ScheckterHesketh-Ford
31Carlo Facetti Brabham-Ford
31Tim SchenkenLotus-Ford
32Eddie KeizanTyrrell-Ford
32Ian AshleyToken-Ford
32Helmuth Koinigg Brabham-Ford
33Mike HailwoodMcLaren-Ford
33David HobbsMcLaren-Ford
33Jochen MassMcLaren-Ford
34Teddy PiletteBrabham-Ford
34Carlos PaceBrabham-Ford
35Mike WildsMarch-Ford
37Francois MigaultBRM
42Tom PryceToken-Ford
42David PurleyToken-Ford
42Ian AshleyBrabham-Ford
43Gerard Larrousse Brabham-Ford
44Leo Kinnunen Surtees-Ford
50Eppie WietzesBrabham-Ford
55Mario Andretti Parnelli-Ford
66Mark DonohuePenske-Ford
208Lella LombardiBrabham-Ford

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