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Statistics 1967

Statistics History 1950-
Grand PrixDateDriver WinnerTeamLapsTime
Sudáfrica 02-01 Pedro Rodriguez Cooper-Maserati 80 2:05'45.9
Monaco 07-05 Denny Hulme Brabham-Repco 100 2:34'34.3
Holanda 04-06 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford 90 2:14'45.1
Bélgica 18-06 Dan Gurney Eagle-Weslake 28 1:40'49.4
Francia 02-07 Jack Brabham Brabham-Repco 80 2:13'21.3
Gran Bretaña 15-07 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford 80 1:59'25.6
Alemania 06-08 Denny Hulme Brabham-Repco 15 2:05'55.7
Canadá 27-08 Jack Brabham Brabham-Repco 90 2:40'40.0
Italia 10-09 John Surtees Honda 68 1:43'45.0
10°Estados Unidos 01-10 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford 108 2:03'13.2
11°México 22-10 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford 65 1:59'28.70

Drivers and Teams from 1967

1Jack BrabhamBrabham-Repco
1Jean Pierre BeltoiseMatra-Ford
2Denny HulmeBrabham-Repco
2Johnny Servoz-Gavin Matra-Ford
3Jochen RindtCooper-Maserati
4Pedro RodriguezCooper-Maserati
4Mike Parkes Ferrari
5Jackie StewartBRM
5Jim ClarkLotus-Ford
5Eppie WietzesLotus-Ford
6Mike SpenceBRM
6Piers CourageBRM
6Graham HillLotus-Ford
6Mike Fisher Lotus-BRM
7Jim ClarkLotus-BRM
8Graham HillLotus-BRM
8Bruce McLarenEagle-Weslake
8Richard AttwoodCooper-Maserati
9Dan GurneyEagle-Climax
10Ludovico ScarfiottiEagle-Weslake
11John SurteesHonda
11Al Pease Eagle-Climax
12Jo SiffertCooper-Maserati
12Jim ClarkLotus-Climax
12Jonathan Williams Ferrari
14Bob AndersonBrabham-Climax
14Alan Rees Cooper-Maserati
15Jo BonnierCooper-Maserati
16Piers CourageLotus-BRM
16Bruce McLarenMcLaren-BRM
17John LoveCooper-Climax
17Chris IrwinBRM
18Sam TingleLDS-Climax
18Lorenzo BandiniFerrari
18Chris IrwinLotus-BRM
18Guy Ligier Brabham-Repco
18Moises SolanaLotus-Ford
18Moises SolanaLotus-BRM
19Dave CharltonBrabham-Climax
20Luki Botha Brabham-Climax
20Chris AmonFerrari
20David HobbsBRM
22Richie GintherEagle-Climax
22Ludovico ScarfiottiFerrari
22Silvio Moser Cooper-ATS
23Dan GurneyEagle-Weslake
24Giancarlo BaghettiLotus-Ford
32Guy Ligier Cooper-Maserati
32Jacky IckxCooper-Maserati
41Tom Jones Cooper-Climax

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